Candy Crime

“All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun” Jean-Luc Godard, 16th May 1991

With Holly Jacobson, Pierre Marku, Adain Bradley, Matt Rogers & Morgan Leighton
Directed, Filmed & Edited by ME!
Assisted by Benjamin Davis
Written by Leilani Holmes
Sound by Farid El-Jazouli
Music by Maryann & Michael Tedstone


  • Winner – Best Comedy – Toronto Urban Film Festival 2014 (with a silent 60sec version)
  • 1st place and winner of Audience Award at the 22nd Croatian One Minute Film Festival (Crominute) 2014
  • Winner of People’s Choice Award in Filminute 2012 (
  • Winner of One Minute Movie Competition, Norwich Film Festival 2012
  • Winner – Videominuto2013, Prato, Italy
  • Winner – jury audience’s prize – best film – Mister Vorkys One Minute Film Festival, Serbia, 2014
  • Honorable Mention (i.e. 2nd) in DepicT! 2011 (part of Encounters Short Film Festival)
  • Winner of Best Comedy Short Film at Screen Stockport Film Festival
  • Runner-up Shooting People Film of the Month August 2011
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